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Model Railway Hornby Bachmann Railroad Train Set  Layout Model Railway Railroad Train Set Layout Hornby Bachmann
Welcome to - the home of model railway layout plans. Over 170 designs range from branch line stations to cement terminals and even city termini, perfect for your Hornby, Bachmann and Heljan trains to run on!
Prototype plans of British stations can be found in Prototype Plans
Find model railway layouts of various sizes in Layout Plans
This site has been set up to provide inspiration for those planning a model railway, whether it’s a simple train set or a complex model railroad with three trains running at once. Most of the plans are based on prototype locations, and are designed to give a feel of the location instead of copying every single detail. The accuracy of the track plans will therefore vary, but with some careful scenic work they have the potential to be modelled and recognised as a specific location.
New in July's update, a new user submissions section on the Layout Plans page. This includes the winner of the 2011 Layout Planning Competition: Rayfield Cornhill by Dave. The next competition will start in September on the FreeTrackPlans Forum
All plans on this site have been designed using AnyRail track planning software, and .any files are available from the downloads page (under Other Stuff). This way, you are able to adjust the plans to your own taste.
The plans have also been designed using HO/OO gauge set-track with some sections of flexible track, and are grouped according to the size of board they are designed for. However, the ideas here can be developed further using other types of track, provided that you have the space to accomodate larger radius curves and pointwork. These plans could also be adapted for N-gauge, which may be an area of future expansion.
Please feel free to have a browse around, request a trackplan, or submit any of your own ideas for inclusion on this site. The gallery shows images of layouts built to the plans featured on this site, and the Forum means you can share plans or photos of your own. Get involved! Railroad Travel, Hobby & Industry

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Model Railway Hornby Bachmann Peco Railroad Train Set Layout
Model Railway Hornby Bachmann Peco Railroad Train Set Layout
Model Railway Hornby Bachmann Peco Railroad Train Set Layout